Poor conditions in Downtown Los Angeles

March 7, 2010 – 6:31 pm

Downtown Los Angeles is the victim of spasmodic interest.  Complete with “potential markets” and exclusive allure.  The place where no one goes is suddenly the place where everyone wants to be.

You can’t take the art of unfettered evolution and preserve the subconscious beauty that lies in its subtle imperfection. Life has no meaning when bowing to the alter of chastising superiority.

Fashion takes precedence over substance. Blood drips from the brutalized tit of expansion and profit. Downtown is being “cleansed” and not even the most depraved crack infested murderous junky can drive a stake through the heart of this relentless beast.

The neo hipster movement has clearly flagged the downtown area as its home base. In the name of so called art, synthetic passion and unjustified self importance, the hipster culture has produced a tidal wave of self bloated mediocrity. A careless surge toward soul selling pseudo struggles, the foundation for what is being labeled by some as a full on renaissance.

Twenty something art students, living on the edge of their limited imaginations, afraid to go east of Main. Trust fund super stars, enamored with outdoing each other one square foot at a time. $3000 a month reproductions of industrialized lofts. Sweat shops turned hipster havens. Even the least talented bullshit lap dog feels as if life led them to LA to pursue some televised characterization of American spirit. People caught of the perpetual act of “being somebody”.

Do it!

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  2. I just read this to my mom while getting stoned with her at motel 6 in westminster. We enjoyed it. Keep writing man,

    By Bat Shit Babe on Mar 20, 2010

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