If only you used a knife

April 27, 2008 – 2:08 am

You agreed to come with me to a friend’s wedding reception
It’s the kind of bullshit I hate, but the people weren’t bad
Computer people are typically too intelligent to judge based on cover
But they also don’t get out much, so it’s easy to be the shocker

You had some champagne
It seemed only a glass or two
and before I knew what hit me
your tongue was in my mouth
and you gave me that look
that taught me lust
You hammered it into my eyes
and left me with my prick on fire

It got too weird. Some of these people expect this sort of thing from me. They know me well enough that it comes down to a chuckle and a shrug. But the truth is, I didn’t want to disrespect these people. I also didn’t want to let this get away. This is a god damn gift from the heavens.

I said thanks to the first mate and his wifey and walked out the door onto Union St in Olde Town Pas. She’s still trying to get that tongue into my mouth. I felt like a 13 year old kid, making out for the first time with a much more experienced girl. I was an innocent boy being taught the ropes of making out with a hot young tramp looking for a neutral to try out some new moves. I felt so infantile but at the same time, if this chick would have put on a fucking diaper with a rattle in her hand, I probably still would have allowed it to happen. She’s damn hot. She’s 20.

We’re at De Lacey and Union. She sees this “Forever 21” store on the corner.

“Hey, let’s go in. You can pick out anything and I’ll try it on!”

She laughs. She laughs like she’s saying, “Jeremy, this is for you. You deserve this. You’re fat. You’re repulsive for the most part, but you put in some hard hours. You sacrificed a lot to be here, in this place, at this time and Jeremy, I’m going to do this to make up for some of those lonely nights on the edge, wondering if you’ll ever get to stick your cock in another woman again.”

This whole time, she’s supposed to be drunk off her ass, but I swear, she had maybe 3 drinks. I wasn’t paying close attention. I don’t buy it, but I’m not going to have a little talk about her playing drunk. This girl is making my cock scream.

I find some dresses. What the fuck do I know about dresses. All I know is that less fabric equals more of her supreme body. I pick quickly. I really don’t give a fuck about the dress as long as she continues with this game. I feel like a dirty old man who paid a lot of money for a high priced whore and everyone knows it. Her act was stellar to say the least.

On the way home…tonight…2:30am…

Everyone was partying on the freeway. People laughing, puking, doing drugs and not giving a fuck. I got the nod several times from people next to me. We were all smoking hash and tripping on mushrooms. There was a wonderful sense of togetherness on the road. Tires connected by the same stretch of concrete. Society under the pressure of a hard existence, finding peace on the 101; traffic, the most hated thing in LA. Muzzled faces trying to forget whatever sense they’ve made of the reality of another week and it’s coming on fast.

So we took the dresses to the fitting room. She tried dragging me into the room with her, but the attendant started to bitch.

“You can’t go in there with her.”
“Why not? She wants me to go in.”
“It’s the policy…”
“Fine, whatever. I’ll wait here. Come out when you have the dress on.”

She let go of my hand and took the clothes into the dressing room. I feel like I’m getting strange looks from the girl who just informed me of the policies at Forever 21.

She pops out with the dress, wrinkled like she just threw it on as fast as possible. She looks hot. The dress has nothing to do with it. I tell her it looks good and she walks up and grabs my arm, dragging me back to the fitting room, regardless of the store policy. I hear the girl in the background bitching some more. I realize I could give a fuck what she thinks at this point and what’s the real consequence? Getting thrown out? Big shit.

In the dressing room, she throws the dress up almost as if it was being pulled by a suction from above. She’s got nothing on but white panties. She leans against the wall and grinds her ass in to the tent in my pants. My mind is racing, my heart is pumping. I wanted to fuck her right there in the stall. My mind erased everything around me. The sound of the pissed off employee outside faded into the background. All I could see was her. All I could smell was her. All I could feel was her. I grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled firmly. Her lips apart, wanting, needing. Her eyes closed, lost in the moment. An involuntary response to the mad lust emanating from deep within. She is sex, perfected.

I want her bad but I really don’t know what to do. Like a dumb fuck, I let that nagging wench from the outside penetrate the moment. Finally I speak, “Let’s buy these dresses and get out of here.” She smiles, agrees and we bolt. I will never forget the arch in her back as she pushed that perfect ass into my cock. I will never forget the color of her skin. I will never forget the look on her face. This is the stuff dreams are made of and even if I knew it was temporary. Even if I knew it was all an act.

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