Take the bus or a train or fuck off

April 25, 2008 – 3:29 pm
It's the ultimate experiment in exemplary living
Their gays are more gay
Their vegans are more vegan
Their hipsters are more hip

It's a good life and it's in your face
Be in or Be out
Take a train or ride the bus
Or suffer

Politics have come full circle
Into a nazi feeding frenzy of
malcontent and control
We're better then you
Just look at the view!

But all I see is a mass of lost identity
I see twisted chunks of followers who
have yet to find a leader
All the tofu in the world
can't save you now
and the hive mind needs to go
back to the box
to find another way to trick
people into thinking that
this postcard palace is worth
its weight in ego

When driving your car gets you
looks like you're waving a legalize rape sign
around, I get a tad uncomfortable

There is revolution in this city
But it falls short when your backdrop
is $2000 a month rooms and a diet only
the rich can afford
What about those other people?  Just
say it.  C'mon, you know you want to.
"Fuck 'em".  Right?  You know it.
Stop smiling.

Where is your open hand
Where is the understanding I read about
Nothing comes between you and the dollars
your people spend on being free

As long as you recycle
As long as you don't eat meat
As long as you don't drink too much
Or fuck too much
Or sleep too much
Hey, and you should really do something
about that whole shitting habit
It's not environmentally sound

Ride the bus or take the train
but for fuck's sake,
please don't think for yourself
and don't come knocking on our
door when you need a lift
That will cost you
Never again will it be the 60's
Never again will it be the lawlessness
of dirty mind
and blissful irresponsibility

Find yourself in San Francisco
and you'll find others
too afraid to tell their own
city to fuck off
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