The truth of insanity

November 12, 2007 – 10:25 pm

The thing they don’t tell you
about insanity
is that it doesn’t have to be
a man raving mad
down desolate streets
copulating with demons

The truly mad are those
going to jobs
going to angry wives
watching the news
missing someone
so far away
or laughing at the thought
of a better life

It’s not always the ones filled
with hate
cursing at the voices
that sing songs of
broken will

It’s the silent stare at a lonely
It’s waiting in line
It’s the waitress
It’s the hopeful
It’s the first breath
It’s the last word
It’s the only choice

The men in the streets
talking to Gods and dogs
We turn away
but they see us
working for nothing
talking for nothing
laughing for nothing

It’s our endless optimism that
keeps us slaves
in a world that was constructed
to make us think that
everything is
going to be
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