July 8, 2013 – 5:46 pm

There is no quality. No one gives a shit about quality. No one gives a shit about authenticity.

My girlfriend was annoyed by the fact that I didn’t know anything about Twilight. “I know it’s a shitty movie with pretty boy and girl actors and it’s loosely based on vampires or some shit.”. and that’s all I need to fucking know about Twilight.

“C’mon babe, it pulled in 100 million dollars at the box office the opening weekend. How can it be bad?” and at this moment, I wanted to wrap the seatbelt around my neck and smash in to a wall. For a minute I thought, hey, this is LA, I have half a chance of actually hitting the guy who made that movie if I just crash in to the next crowd of people I see.

No one gives a shit about quality any more.

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