Fishing for…

June 16, 2013 – 12:53 am

I seem an expert at destroying everything sane, everything normal, everything unsettled.
I can’t stop myself from saying too much or saying too little.
I can’t get anything right and I have an uncontrollable predication to fuck up all that doesn’t need to be fucked.

I can’t stop my brain from going too far, from saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, let little things be.

I will keep pushing until it is destroyed and then I will lapse in to my comfortable hole of self loathing and blame and disgust for the human race

because it’s them against me and me against myself and no one wins and it’s not about winning

it really is about the pain…it really is about fucking things up beyond all repair. It really is about dying alone and it really is about regret.

let go’
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