Eileen for President

May 23, 2013 – 3:58 pm

When I think of you, there is no distance
Time has lost its battle
Everything is here and now and
there’s no place I’d rather be


I used to dream of more fortunate days
where everything works and nothing hurts
but that was just fantasy driven by the instinct to
continue on this path I have paved, however mixed
up and alone


and here you are, open and honest, eager and triumphant
intellectual and young, full of ideas and promise and you
will never back down to fear and you will never
let someone tell you who you are

and with that unwavering tenacity comes the essence
of your beauty…and that beauty is what motions the disingenuous
looking for just a simplified chance at understanding something
like YOU


It isn’t enough to tell you I love you.  You’ve heard that before
by copious men with something to prove.  It isn’t enough to
know your favorite color or your favorite band or favorite
Japanese baked good, which a week later, still sits on my
kitchen counter 🙂


I must and want to know all of you and what makes you the
one I admire today and forever


I want to know what type of angelic force brings together
the woman you are, with the courage and depth that make
men like me cry tears of joy for being able to spend even
just a moment in time with a girl like you


Eileen, I love you and even though these are just words on paper,
I vow to show you that these words are not in vain


You make me so happy because you are my friend and you are the
one whose soft, gentle hands have lifted my heart to a world where
love is real and your warm touch heals the deeps wounds that have
clenched their grip around my tired soul


Thank you

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