Sonia Withdrawal

January 12, 2013 – 3:13 am

Tip toeing through the attic of the mind
Broken picture frames of hell born memories
of you, standing there with those eyes so insane
of you, laying naked on the floor, drunk, beautiful
of you, in New York City, ready to get the fuck away from this psycho
of you, in Los Angeles, turning heads with your music and your body
of you, kissing me with lips made of incessant self preservation

I hear whispers of words once said and felt
You telling me that you found something special about me
yoU telling me you found me attractive
You telling me you you fell in love with my reckless words
yoU telling me you didn’t love me any more
You telling me that I am nothing but a lonely fat loser
yoU telling me you found love in places I could never reach
You telling me how much you hate me

There is no absolute cure for Sonia. It’s something you just have to live with forever. Maybe, after a very long time, things will get better. Maybe, with the right kind of friends and a little lucky, you might even settle down for a girl only a fraction of what Sonia is. Or maybe your day will never come and you will spend the rest of your life, just feeling a little bit of pain left over from when you knew a girl named Sonia.    Send article as PDF   
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  2. hunny… This will never happen again. No disrespect. You understand? Never let the disrespect happen like this. We are a civilized people and your love has no bounds but your self worth does. You understand? You are worth more than any one I know. Keep your head high like the lion you are.

    By Eileen on Apr 26, 2013

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