October 25, 2012 – 6:38 pm

She comes in small doses
I couldn’t handle the whole pill
I thought I had a hold on her
but her power is too much for me

There she is…always beautiful
Always alive
Always amazing
Just thinking about her smile makes me hard

We laugh and play around
and sometimes I get away with more than I expected
but she always wins

I do love her
as much as I know how
and she loves the fantasy
because she knows how fucked reality can be

and all I want in life is to get lost
in her fantasies

I would loose everything I have for her eyes
Let her eyes cast their spell on miserable men such as myself
she is the only holy I have ever known and I would
give her my last shred of hope just so I could stay
a little while longer, smelling her hair, and touching
her skin

I would let her kill me only to share my dying breath
with her lips

and I would hold her hand while we plunged to our death
because she is the only thing I have ever known that makes life so amazing
that only death can understand my sorrow when I’m not close to her    Send article as PDF   
  1. One Response to “Dose”

  2. Holy crap… This is too weird. I’m always talking about bringing u down with a spell… She must have been really talented. But im gld she failed to see you the way I do. Dumb bitch

    By Eileen on Apr 26, 2013

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