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January 10, 2007 – 1:03 pm

I’ve been using CL for quite some time.  As a result I’ve had some great experiences which I’m thankful for.  Lately it seems CL is getting inundated with the same kind of variety you would expect from pop culture television these days, which is to say that it seems the well has run dry on originality.  I’m find it difficult to derive depth and understanding through “pic for pic, looking for a hot guy with money and some way to improve my position in life on a purely materialistic level”.  What do I do with this?

It seems to me that getting to know someone is secondary these days, as the expectations of longevity have been minimized by the “Me Me Me” mentiality of modern day.  Are we so jaded that sharing experiences betweem human beings, regardless of the mediocrity of the details has been completely lost by the masses telling us that it is weak to find comfort of another’s embrace.

If you share any of these feelings, I would love to hear from you, at least have a conversation that goes beyond the senses.  Something much more important then scandel coupled with a hard dose of destruction.

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